Covenant Preparatory Latin Camp

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Daily schedule


I will try as much as possible to make Latin camp a Latin immersion event. However, this should not scare any possible participants since all participants will be relatively new to Latin conversation. Even those who have zero Latin conversation experience will be able to comprehend much of what is said through pictures, props, pointing, and all the sorts of things we use when we try to get 2-year-olds to understand us in English.


Devotions – This will be done in Latin. Bible stories are a good place to start with Latin narrative since kids already know the names and events. Illustrations will also serve as an aid to understanding.


Traupman’s Conversational Latin – We will use John Traupman’s Conversational Latin for Oral Proficiency in this segment. Children will memorize and enact everyday scenarios given in the book.

Common colloquial phrases – Participants will memorize and use common colloquial phrases found in the text DĒ VARIĪS LATĪNĪS GRÆCĪSQUE COLLOQUENDĪ FŌRMULĪS (On various Latin and Greek forms of speech). This is an extremely important text that has only resurged in the spoken Latin world recently. It covers hundreds of idiomatic phrases commonly used in Latin. It includes phrases like “to spill the beans” which in Latin is aperire cuniculos (to open the rabbits). These sorts of idiomatic phrases need to be memorized just like vocab since they are common, and their meaning is not literal.


Latin play – Students will perform short and simple plays composed in Latin.


Illustrated childrens’ story – Children will gather around as I read very simple childrens’ stories in Latin. I have chosen stories like Goodnight Moon, Bears on Wheels, and Where’s Spot?


Latin songs – Children will sing and memorize Latin songs. We will sing Psalms and other biblical content.


Topic of the day – Students will learn vocabulary and phrases to navigate specific topics like telling the time or articles of clothing.


Scene of the day – Students will learn vocabulary and phrases in a certain setting. They may be learning vocab and phrases in the kitchen pertaining to the kitchen, or the classroom, or the outdoors. Depending on transportation and parental permission we may be able to lengthen this session and go to more extravagant scenes like the Harris Teeter located 1.5 miles from the church.


Dates: August 12-16        Price: $60/student      Location: 650 Peedee road, Southern Pines

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